Proceeds to the people.

Introducing Superset: a Mutualist Organization with the mission of ensuring its members receive a fair share of the value created from their data.

Superset seeks to harness the collective wisdom of its members, with the goal of unlocking the value of their combined data by holding the end users of the data accountable to Superset members.

The data problem.

The current data economy leaves much to be desired. Today's social media and e-commerce platforms fail to respect the privacy and security of their users.

Data is being collected, processed, warehoused, and monetized in an opaque manner, on a planetary scale. It is possible to create a fairer data economy.

The way of the DAO.

Superset is a cybernetically enhanced members’ club, operated for and by data contributors. It uses an open, public ledger as its accounting foundation.

Superset leverages blockchain-based smart contracts to improve transparency and auditability so that Superset members can hold the users of their data accountable.

Superset and Delphia.

Delphia is providing Superset members with innovative mechanisms to contribute data and to be compensated for their contributions.

Furthermore, Superset will collaborate with Delphia to ensure members have a say in how their data may be used and the compensation they receive for their contributions.

A more equitable data economy.

The Superset ecosystem offers a novel approach to data governance – one that prioritizes the interests of data contributors.

Superset’s participatory data governance model makes a more transparent, accountable, and equitable data economy possible.